Reiff Craft Works

 We build high quality display bases and plinths for the figure, diorama, and vignette builder because we are model builders and figure painters who appeciate a well crafted model right down to the base. 

Preparing your base.


Finishing your base.

 Finishing wood items is a craft in itself. There are many good articles around on the internet and in your bookstore or library.  I recommend using either Danish, or Teak oil to bring out the grain. Use a scrap piece for test purposes.  It is important to sand the base to 320 grit.  Apply the oil and let it soak in 12 to 24 hours.  Reapply until it does not soak in.  Then you can sand it with 400 grit wet/ dry sandpaper.  Further sanding with 600, 1000, 1200grit, ect... is a matter of preference. 

 Later when you go to clean the base use the same oil to bring back the luster.

Or after this has dried usually a few days it can be sealed with clear polyurethane.  Again use your test piece first.  Not the kind of surprise you may like